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eCommerce Fulfillment Network for Next-Day Ground Delivery



ex-CTO of @FLEXE. YC alum. Proud angel @Mason, Proof Trading

Edmond Yue

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Ty Williams

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Non-Technical Recruiter at FLEXE, previously Corporate Recruiter at Kotis Design

Misha Linn

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I am a Technical Recruiter at Flexe

Hugo Song

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Currently @FLEXE. Previously 1st product @Outreach, former @Microsoft @office for iOS + Mac. ECE+CS @McGill University

Stephen Medawar

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Career Mentor, Talent Advisor, Company Culture Keeper at FLEXE

Dominic Atkatz

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Del Slane

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Kara Cushman

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Experienced in sales. Strong communicator and storyteller. Relationship builder, collaborator and naturally inquisitive.

David Ameneyro

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Tech startup analyst. Finance, Operations, Sales. Former Army Officer. West Point, UW MBA.

Matthew Yip

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VP Product @FLEXE, the largest on-demand warehousing and fulfillment solutions. Experienced in product/startups.

Jihee Kim

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HR Manager at FLEXE!

Ryan Morel

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Mobile, advertising, apps.

Bryce Boyd

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Jordan Pope

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Former team

Rebecca (Kijak) Wells

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