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It pays to be smart! Everyone's an expert at something and Fleetwit provides a platform where you can win money by showing what you know. Created and run by people who love trivia just as much as their users, FleetWit stands out for its trove of high-quality questions, merit-based algorithms, and its belief that intelligence is something to be valued. FleetWit founder David Metz saw something that he wanted to change. If you’re good at basketball or computer coding there is a way to make money using your skills, but outside of appearing on a game show, there was no way to earn cash for just being smart. Now everyday trivia lovers have a way to turn their wits into winnings. We believe in rewarding the intelligence that is all around us--from the neurosurgeon to the pop culture aficionado to the sports fan. Quite simply: We believe that everyone’s an expert at something.

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Senior Software Architect

Julien Loutre

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Co-Founder & CTO at FleetWit

David Metz

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Co-Founder of FleetWit. Founder and creator of the board game Gaggle. Worked at AMR.