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We match truck drivers with shipments using vehicle data and AI

We match truck drivers with shipments using vehicle data and AI

'Find drivers for loads. Instantly'
Unlike most marketplaces that rely on inputs and entries from their users, FleetRover leverages telematics data for its marketplace called 'FleetOps' - This gives us the ability to automatically match loads with drivers.

The collection of telematics data points, and the volume of data FleetRover has available, equip the marketplace product with what it needs to provide a freight broker with certainty that they will be able to find a driver for their shipper when they access the system.

'We make fleet management easy'
1. We provide an end-to-end solution for the management of every element of a transportation company
2. Through notifications, and a comprehensive dashboard, it serves owners and managers with the data they need to make critical decisions or improve operations.
3. It's powered by a world-class wireless sensor infrastructure

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