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Find Flatmate Of Your Choice

Find Flatmate Of Your Choice

FlatMate.in - Aap Jaisa Hi Koi.

FlatMate.in is a mobile only application whose sole objective is to avail its user a like minded verified FlatMate at a single click. FlatMate.in's backend keeps the compatibility as the numero-uno factor in searching their user's flatmate based on various filters like Gender /occupation /eating habits /Drinking /Smoking /Guests Allowed /Pet Allowed etc.

Our customer base is 18-32 Age group primarily students and young professionals. We launched in Delhi in Feb and since then has expanded to Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune Hyderabad and Chennai. Our APP is available on Play and APP stores and have crossed 35,000+ downloads.

The idea behind the service is how to connect student or young apprentice moving to a city to a fellow who wants to share his/her space either to reduce their financial burden or to find someone like minded who share same passion.

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