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Vertical automated hydroponic farm

Vertical automated hydroponic farm

We build autonomous food production farms
We will start by developing the technology for the production of small vegetables (lettuces, mushrooms, carrots, etc.) in a vertical hydroponic farm that requires almost no maintenance and can be built with existing materials and non-specialized labor anywhere on earth without having to change anything in the design.
We understand that when we say our first "product" (since we sell food, not farms) is an industrial scale food production facility, that even the bravest investor will say... start with something smaller. But the truth is that it is one single machine. One system, that happens to look like a building
As a secondary effect of having this hands-free production, we can create an Amazon-like ordering App for small business to order their entire stock of vegetables with no minimum order size directly from the farms and have it delivered to their stores down to minutes after having been harvested and with their unique label and packaging

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