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FiTbyPhase is providing a platform for online fitness coaches and personal trainers around the world to scale their fitness communities and offer seamless solutions to corporate wellness programs.

Coaches no longer have to spend time writing plans or selling "cookie-cutter" programs to clients. We have crafted algorithms to personalize every aspect of the individual's training and nutrition experience that are vital to their health success. Coaches can simply grow, manage, interact, and inspire their communities from one platform and under the FiTbyPhase brand name.

Digital fitness is trending with corporate wellness programs and there is even reimbursement for online coaching. We aim to take on the health needs of whole companies rather than appealing to a small range of employees with high monthly fees. Now, we can connect companies with a service that offers accurate performance updates on employees rather than simply "checking-in" at a gym. All with customized plans for the individual and a personal experience with their digital coach.

FiTbyPhase has helped thousands of members in dozens of countries in both Spanish and English. The founders, Chad and Maria, are married and started this project out of recognition of the lack of opportunities coaches have to impact hundreds or thousands of lives rather than containing it to a small handful of "personalized interactions".

We strive to provide the most personal, effective, and scalable fitness solution to those seeking help, companies, AND coaches!
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CTO and Head Developer

Posted 6 months ago
  • Head product development (React Native)
  • Code and develop mobile app Pocket Coach version 3