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Using 3D scanners, resulting data, and predictive AI solutions to solve massive problems

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Fit3D is made of two brands all designed to solve problems associated with fit through data, analytics, and AI.

Fit3D deploys its 3D body scanning technology and cloud interactive body tracking platform into businesses in the wellness, fitness, medical, and apparel / retail industries. Fit3D has been granted multiple patents on its novel approach to body scanning and has deployed its scanners into more than 1,500 businesses in 47 countries. These scanners have been used to scan almost a million bodies. Fit3D deploys 2-3 body scanners per day and captures a scan every 30-45 seconds, which makes it the largest, fastest growing, and most diverse dataset in the world.

Fit3D launched BodyBlock AI in 2018, built atop its anonymized 3D body dataset, to help fashion, apparel, and retail brands design and distribute better fitting clothing and solve an annualized $300B problem with poor fitting products.

We work hard, challenge norms, look for optimal, sustainable, and scalable paths to complete projects, push each other to be the best at what we do, and support each other through thick and thin. Your career and personal success is our success as a company.

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