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Decentralized Firebase with user-controlled data

Decentralized Firebase with user-controlled data

We're building developer tools aimed at providing great developer experience (DX) focusing on a serverless style of building new applications.

Use your laptop as the new production, let your app users have control over their own data, and take advantage of emerging distributed systems that you can plug into existing apps or develop new ones.

We are providing the solution that solves the problem of centralized, proprietary backend-as-a-service tools, by building open source components that provide the same ease of use.

We solve today’s challenges & explore fundamental shifts in the way we host, deploy, and run software by leveraging the advantages of cutting-edge research and critical new technologies. Peer-to-peer protocols like InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), portable computing enabled by WebAssembly (WASM), and zero-knowledge proofs are some of the building blocks we’re working with.

Brooklyn Zelenka

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λ♥ Programs with functions 🔬Founder/CTO at FISSION 🧙 Open Sourceress 📚 Author of ERCs 615, 902, 1066 & 1444 ⚗️ Creator of Witchcraft, Exceptional & more

Boris Mann

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I build global communities. At @Fission, we're building developer tools for next-gen serverless apps.

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