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Fiskkit is building on online discussion that mechanically favors facts, logic and civility. We turn discussion into structured data, which gives us the ability to *fact-check all online news, in real time* and filter trolling to make comments not just tolerable, but productive and enjoyable.

By creating a detailed discussion of each article, Fiskkit can pinpoint strengths and weaknesses of fact, logic and civility. By analyzing reader comments, we provide a "Wikipedia-style" reference page for any article on the net, showing the flaws in any article, line by line.

By putting discussions into structured data, we can also suppress trolling without resorting to censorship. Come ask us how we do all this. Try the public beta at fiskkit.com, and click on the demo video.
Fiskkit is preparing for a roll-out this summer. Stay tuned!!

The Fiskkit team is passionate about creating the best possible place for people to come together and talk about what matters, relying on smart mechanics instead of our better angels to cut through trolling and BS.

If you care about making the world a better place, and are looking for a scrappy startup with the ability to change the relationship between people and information forever, drop us a line.
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CTO for Intellectually Honest Discourse

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Backend Developer for Intellectually Honest Discourse