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News discussion in structured data

Backend Developer for Intellectually Honest Discourse

No salary • 0.5% – 2.0%
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Seeking skilled developer comfortable with data to power critical article scraping, analysis algorithms and core site scalability.

- Build and own REST APIs
- Optimize scraping to support accurate article data.
- Develop and tune statistical test of significance to fact-check all online news.
- Ensure site stability and scalability.

- Passionate about using skills to build social good through innovations in public discourse
- REST based API experience.
- Ability to learn quickly and develop expertise in configuring crawlers and feeds. Knowledge of web crawling/scraping technologies is a plus.
- Attitude to thrive & communicate well in high-productive, customer-centric environment.
- Knowledge of DOM (Document Object Model), MySQL and regular expressions.
- Knowledge of or experience with at least one of PHP or Python, preferably both.
- Four-year technical college degree. BS Computer Science preferred.

- Experience with Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

Additional salary to follow upon funding.

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Thabang Ngazimbi

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I work as a software engineer because I love solving challenging problems and creating not only cool products but ones that improve peoples lives as well.

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