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Teach coding, computational thinking and entrepreneurship to kids from 4-18 years old

STEM/Coding Course Instructor (Singapore)

$23k – $35k • 0.1% – 0.2%
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First Code takes pride in providing top-notch education technology courses. Our instructors teach, inspire and mentor our students and guide them from zero programming background to a general proficiency.

This role requires a high degree of autonomy, entrepreneurial drive and passion toward technology. It is not a regular teaching role, nor a programming role. You take your passion in building and making things, and spread it to the next generation. You have a natural knack in engaging an audience, patience to work with active inquiring minds, and the ability to break down complex problems into smaller digestible pieces. This role provides a first hand experience in shaping the minds of our next generation.


Passion in Computer Science / Software Engineering: You have a desire to learn about computer science. You frequently read up on news in the field, and light up when talking about new technology. *Bonus*: You either studied, or have worked (or both) in Computer Science / Engineering / Science / Mathematics field.

Maker's Mindset: You like to build things. Either a weekend side project or an open source project, you are actively exploring new ideas to build and contribute to.

Communications Skills: Instructors are responsible for communicating often complex and abstract programming concepts to young students. You are good at communicating your ideas verbally, through analogies and repetition if necessary. At the same time you are able to adjust your presentation depending on the audience.

Experience in, or an Interest in Teaching Kids: You like spending time with kids and are patient to get through your ideas to them.

Commitment (Part-time): You can commit for a minimum of 3 hours per week.

*Bonus* Language: Ability to speak, read and write Mandarin fluently.

- Join us in revolutionizing the concept of education in Asia
- Shape the direction of First Code Academy and be part of it from day 1
- Be a part of a compassionate team that treats you like family and emphasizes open communication
- Be part of the fun - our Summer 2016 video :) youtu.be/6PJUnLfQffg
- Monthly learning and gym reimbursement and plenty of team activities and lunches
- Participate in our CSR initiatives such as the Google CS First program, where we link up with local community and teach underprivileged or ethnic minority kids coding.
- Join our monthly TGIFCF (Thank God It’s First Code Friday) and mingle with our friends in the coding education community.
- Get involved in large scale events such as AppJamming Summit (appjammingsummit.org), a regional app competition for kids from age 8 to 16 to showcase their app creation. We host Semi-Finals in Hong Kong and Singapore and a Final in Hong Kong with students joining us from all over Asia.
- Take part in our Ninjas Coding Series where we get together and talk about coding and work on exercises to brush up our coding skills.

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