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Fixed Income Machine Intelligence



Drumil Bakhai

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NYU CS Grad, DevOps Engineer

Jim Miller

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Sinan Gul

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CTO at firstAI, fin-tech startup focusing on document interpretation. 15+ years Wall St experience with CFA designation. Went to Stanford & Cornell University.

Emily Knauer

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Worked at @firstAI

Siyuan Xiang

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Applied Math + Data Science; self-starter + learning capability + focus

Board members and advisors

Jenny Fielding

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Less is more
Partner @ValueStream Ventures. An early-stage VC firm in NYC. Thesis-driven, hands-on, invest in b2b software, data/analytics, and fintech.

Former team

John Blazic

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Kendra France

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Zachary Tajerstein

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Parimala Pakalapati

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