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Mark Maddox

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Strong leader with proven track record, broad industry

Marni Prince

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Experienced UI/UX Designer
CEO Founder CatchMe • Worked at @American Express, @first-data-1 Strong corporate sales background. Experience at manager positions

Alex Feldman

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Director of Strategy at First Data, Kellogg MBA, formerly at Story2, Twitter & Chicago Trading Company, everything in life is a trade, and I am an expert trader

Kana Butkovic

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Expert at product development and management, with startup and digital agency background, currently working at digital transformation in corporate sector.

LaTonya Vincent

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Nikhil Bhandari

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Joshua Stafford

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Have worked in the Fin Tech industry for past 3 years. While attempting side entrepreneurial ventures. Willing to hustle and volunteer for any Startup.

Ben Edelstein

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Versatile experienced Business professional with extensive demonstrated success across a variety of business sectors with a background in sales, finance and ops

Umma Mary

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Over 8 years of comprehensive IT experience primarily functioning as a Software Tester/Quality Assurance analyst with experience in testing Web-based...

Ahmon Williams

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I work for 15 years in DCops at First Data Hellas.For 12 years i am Supervisor of the department.

Ignatios Tsakyris

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Dominik Szotek

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expert to manage Credit Risk in payment area incl CP and CNP (MO, TO,, IO, e-commerce, PbL, money transfer), Physical Security and Compliance

Chris Warren

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Regional Sales and Marketing Manager at First Data
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Former team

Udit Chhibar

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Jorge Morante

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Drew Margand

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Nicole Chanlatte

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Marilu Utrera

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Najlaa Abayechi PMP®

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