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Senior Back-End Engineer

$100k – $120k • No equity
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We are looking for a back end developer to join the team at FirstAML and help build out our product. We're an early stage startup. We started by building up a services business, serving clients manually and validating our ideas. We’ve been building out an MVP for the last couple of months, working closely with our existing clients, and now we need to expand the team to build the features we need to capture the market.

As a back end developer, you’ll work closely with our lead developer to build out our system. Our goal is to make identity verification as easy as possible, by automating as much of the process as possible and making any user touch points as simple as possible. There’s plenty of interesting challenges ahead ranging from image/video facial recognition to providing analytics on large data sets. As such there’ll be plenty of learning opportunities as you try and tackle these problems.

You won't be limited to back end development if you don't want to be. As a startup we often wear many hats. There will be ample opportunity for you to get involved in other areas of development if you want to. If you feel your skills are stronger in other areas, get in touch anyway. We’re always looking for exceptional people, and may be able to give you a role that suits your skills better.

We're trying to build the best culture possible. We believe the core part of that is doing everything we can to ensure you enjoy your life. Work is a big part of life, but it's not the most important part. Focused work from happy and engaged employees wins over the "hussle" every time.

You won't be worked into the ground. It just hits productivity both short term and in long term decision making. We'll embrace the lean team as a positive constraint and not use it as a reason for institutional overtime. We'll be realistic around what we can achieve, and build only what we absolutely need to deliver a great experience.

We want everyone to have a say in where we take the company. We seek to give people the autonomy they need to do the best job. We'll work hard to align on vision and where we want the company to go, and trust you to make informed decisions.

Power politics have no place here. We're all in it together. Everyone is encouraged to share their ideas, and decisions are made based on merit. If something isn't working for you in any way, we'll welcome the feedback and do our best to improve your experience. We'll still be proactive and do everything we can to make the working experience engaging and fair for everyone.

That's our philosophy. As an early stage startup we can't afford all the benefits we want to give, but as we scale the business we'll be doing more and more for our people.

Things we can already offer:

Flexible working hours, share options, transparent pay frameworks, transparent decision making, personal development plans, dedicated learning time, friday drinks (soft or hard), company lunches and outings.