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Lead Automation Engineer

₹12,000 – ₹21,000 • No equity
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Responsible for systematic software testing across all product lines.
You will be involved in requirement reviews, design discussions, and will document deliverable artifacts.
You will be involved at all appropriate levels of the development process.
You will automate all tickets from the current sprint and any backlog efforts.
You'll turn functional requirements into test cases, help identify what systems can be potentially impacted by a release, generate test plans, augment/modify existing test cases and plans as well as execute those test plans and provide detailed feedback to the development team in the form of bug reports.
This position will entail client- side work.
You will also be responsible for writing functional test plans, executing test plans, and reporting and tracking defect resolution.


Experience in Selenium with PYTHON is strongly preferred.
Experience with API Testing is required (POSTMAN preferred).
Experience with groovy will be a plus
Experience with testing a SaaS platform in cloud environment (AWS) preferred.
Experience working in CI delivery model preferred.
Any experience with performance testing will be preferred.
Exceptional communication skills and client-side work experience are essential.