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Yahoo Finance on steroids: real-time fundamentals, insightful and interactive!

Yahoo Finance on steroids: real-time fundamentals, insightful and interactive!

Finviews.com is a cloud based data stream that provides unparalleled insight and simulation options for financial fundamentals data in spreadsheet, web browser and mobile app. The service not just makes re-keying of financial report data unnecessary it also provides intelligent analysis and insights using data mining methods. Easily create reports or analyze your portfolio and immediately answer questions like: Most overvalued/undervalued companies? Top performers for a particular indicator in a sector? or How likely is a company to repay their debts?. Finviews is a unique solution that allows to interact with financial data, build dashboards, screen companies, do sensitivity analysis, create scenarios and test assumptions like growth, margins, inflation, FX rates changes etc. The data is automatically gathered using XBRL tags. An approach that completely avoids re-keying numbers. In addition a variety of completeness and logic checks are applied and either fixed or documented.

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Founded Finvews. Finance professional. Worked in Corporate finance and as Credit analyst/PM at BNP Paribas AM, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank and 2 hedge funds
Experienced Entrepreneur: 3 successful start-ups Digital Marketing and Business Intelligence Specialist Developed and ran festival concept with 400k visitors