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Interbank intraday lending trading platform


We want to make Finteum a great employer. We are a Fintech software firm company that will be a vendor to banks, so it's important to us that our engineer employees enjoy their work and have a say in company direction, as well as the business people in the company and our external stakeholders. We are also interested to improve our diversity so that we have a range of thinkers, voices and influences to help us build towards our future success. Our values give an idea of the culture we want to create: 1. Fairness - we ensure every stakeholder gets a good deal. 2. Humility - we are never arrogant or ostentatious. We appreciate and listen to our stakeholders. 3. Innovation - we are ambitious, intelligent and cutting edge. We learn and improve. 4. Respectfulness - we are professional, well prepared, and collaborative. 5. Transparency - we are ethical, open, honest and accountable.