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CB Insights meets Capterra for fintech

Unpaid Fintech Research Intern (University Student)

€1k – €1k • No equity
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Please make sure you answer the "ABOUT YOU" questions at the bottom.


We're building a Innovation Management and Insights tool for financial services and fintech companies. Our first product is a more comprehensive, categorised and searchable database than our competitors with a lot of functionality they don't offer, we've developed this with our 'founding' banking customers.


This role is best for a student.

It will be unpaid and we require a minimum 10 hours a week, we're happy to plead with your professors to offer credit for this.

We have a few tasks we need help with:

  1. Categorising fintech companies, we have some basic data on, into categorises and identifying keywords we can use to update our ML to categorise them automatically.

  2. Identifying new fintechs we've missed.

  3. Identifying areas to pull data from and collecting data on these sources, beginning with a deep dive into business registries like companies house and identifying SIC codes that fintechs use.

  4. Business development, contact real people to identify issues they have, we have some assumptions we need to test and we need you to interview people about these problems.


Alex- CEO (Biz Dev/Sales/Research) : Alex came across this idea when working on a global digital banking solution for freelancers. Banks started to ask for access to a list he developed and he pivoted.

Greg- CTO (Full Stack): Greg is a close friend of Alex's and he joined the team to build the database. He's had success with startups before and is working with Ruby, Java, HTML and CSS.

Dario- COO (UX/UI/User Development) : Dario is a close friend with both Alex and Greg and joined a little later, he's one of the best designers anywhere and he puts a lot of passion into his work. He also wears multiple hats and has helped us design our architecture and develop the business.

We're one Kiwi and two Italians based in Berlin but hoping to float from Fintech eco system to the next, so we're looking for somewhere anywhere who can self start and work remotely. Although Berlin is a bonus. Ideally you'd be excited to travel with us to events and different areas for months to assess different Fintech landscapes.


Accepted into 5 accelerators. Worked with two:

  1. TheFactory, who invested in us.
  2. Kickstart (Zürich) who have given us a grant.

Both have helped immensely and we're proud to join such established alumni.

We have 2 Paid PoC's running with a third we hope to close December.


  1. Access to our data over 44k companies.
  2. The ability to work anywhere you want. That's right from your living room, the beach anywhere with internet!
  3. The chance to shape financial services and interact with the C-suite in GSIB (global systemically important banks.)
  4. The ability to shape our business and lead us to further revenue. We really value insights from anyone we work with!
  5. The chance to attend and speak at Fintech events, pitch investors and get a lot of insight into the Fintech world.


Please apply with the following:

  1. Where do you study?

  2. What is your interest in Fintech? What do you want to learn and how can we help you to develop that interest?

  3. What is your biggest success?

  4. How do you spend your free time?

  5. How can we help you? What can we offer or what would you want us to offer?

Fintechdb at a glance

CB Insights meets Capterra for fintech

Fintechdb focuses on Lead Generation, Banking, Core Banking Systems, and Fin Tech. Their company has offices in Oslo. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://fintechdb.com or find them on Twitter.

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