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Finanical Services Sales and Consulting for Fintech and Technology

€18k – €25k • 1.0% – 7.0%
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Hi, please read the entire page to apply! Make sure to answer the "ABOUT YOU" questions or we won't read the application.


We're building a Innovation Management and Insights tool for financial services and fintech companies. Our first product is a more comprehensive, categorised and searchable database than our competitors with a lot of functionality they don't offer, we've developed this with our 'founding' banking customers.


Alex- CEO (Biz Dev/Sales/Research) : Alex came across this idea when working on a global digital banking solution for freelancers. Banks started to ask for access to a list he developed and he pivoted.

Greg- CTO (Full Stack): Greg is a close friend of Alex's and he joined the team to build the database. He's had success with startups before and is working with Ruby, Java, HTML and CSS.

Dario- COO (UX/UI/User Development) : Dario is a close friend with both Alex and Greg and joined a little later, he's one of the best designers anywhere and he puts a lot of passion into his work. He also wears multiple hats and has helped us design our architecture and develop the business.

We're one Kiwi and two Italians based in Berlin but hoping to float from Fintech eco system to the next, so we're looking for somewhere anywhere who can self start and work remotely. Although Berlin is a bonus. Ideally you'd be excited to travel with us to events and different areas for months to assess different Fintech landscapes.


Accepted into 5 accelerators. Worked with two:
1. TheFactory, who invested in us.
2. Kickstart (Zürich) who have given us a grant.

Both have helped immensely and we're proud to join such established alumni.

We have 2 Paid PoC's running.


1. Equity
2. A small salary to cover costs.
3. The ability to work anywhere you want.
4. 3. The chance to shape financial services and interact with the C-suite in GSIB (global systemically important banks.)
5. The ability to shape our business and lead us to further revenue.
6. The chance to attend and speak at fintech events, pitch investors and get a lot of insight into the Fintech world.


We're looking for someone with experience in Financial Services, ideally in a digital/innovation team or someone who worked with them. Knowing a big bank or insurance company and how it works and their major pain points is a huge part of this role, we need you to help us develop solutions for these issues and then sell them. The role is a mix of customer development, sales and research, plus some fundraising, pitching crowds and investors.

You'll also help fill in data about profiles, so largely research and development.

You'll also help us define comparison categories (i.e How does Temenos compare to another core banking provider, what features do they have, why is Startup X worth using over them.)


Please apply with the following (we only will read applications that answer this, as it shows us your attention to detail and lets us know the value you can add.)

Who did you work for and how is it relevant?

1. Experience selling to banks innovation teams, and experience in fintech. Name the last time that comes to mind, where was it? What were you selling? How did it go?

2. How would you get meetings with banks? How could you convince them to buy access? What major issues do you think they face?

3. Name a time you've done a customer interview, when was it, who was it with and what did you learn? (even if its negative, did they ask for features as a stalling tactic?)

4. When was the last time you delighted a customer you worked with, how do you know? When was the last time a customer lead you on or lied about interest?

5. How would you assess banks needs and help us develop more features that add more value?

6. What is your biggest success? How do you define success?

7. How do you spend your free time?

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