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Insurance helps the insured to get back to same same financial position in case there is some unforeseen event. Everyday around us there are multiple people who are suffering from something that happened and they didn't prepare for it - be it accidents, health issues, natural calamity etc. Insurance in India has very low penetration - 0.93% for Non-life insurance - which is a dismal number considering the chaotic lives we lead. We want to change this state and make India more secure and prepared for the negative life event. The insurance market in India has been historically driven primarily by price and one of the primary reasons why people don't buy insurance or don't buy it adequately is that they are unable to pay the premium in advance. We at Finsall would like to provide insurance customers a solution to pay the premium in installments. This is a first-of-a-kind initiative in India, where a company is delicately looking to finance insurance premiums. We are backed by 2 established venture capital firms and supported by NASSCOM and Kerela Startup Mission.
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Lead Engineer (Java)

Looking for 4+ years of hands on development experience using Core Java, J2ee, Spring / Hibernate, Web Services, Spring- Boot, MVC, Security and Postgres/ MS SQL Server.

Technical skills include Java/JDK 6 and above, web services SOAP, REST, Micro Webservice, XML Parsingand schema design skills...