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Payment platform for the neighborhood business



Lori Shao

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Founder and CEO of Finli, over 15 years in Financial Services with the past 8 years focused on helping fintech startups at JPMorgan and Silicon Valley Bank


Aubrey Manson

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UI/UX Designer at Finli.

Chelsea LaFerla

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USC Marshall, Former Founder, FinTech Marketer, Avid Traveler & Songwriter

Akimi Yano

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I'm a Silicon Valley based Software Engineer. I love to code and have a strong passion for turning (raspberry-)pie-in-the-sky ideas into a reality.
Co-founded an investment fund for women entrepreneurs. Marketing in the US, China, and EMEA. Just finished a round the world trip in 365 days while freelancing.

Jonathan DiBenedetto

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Operator and innovator.

Former team

Colin Ma

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Alicia Ng

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