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Emilia Dymek

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Interested in recruitment, digitalisation of finance industry and startups.
Worked at finleap

Gustavo Moll

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Priya Ranjan Singh

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A Front End Engineer very interested in making Internet better at bringing music information to people.

Ellen Byington

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Working at @finleap as Recruitment Manager for Tech and Product Team.

Margareta Cucli-Iane

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Recruitment Manager - Technology @finleap.

tom moore-stanley

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Tech recruiter from London, now living in Berlin. Focus on the world of FinTech Start-Ups @ FinLeap. Tech focus: Backend (java 8), DevOps and Data

Julia Grasse

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Julia Grasse

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Rienzo Böhm

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I work as Manager Fundraising for FinLeap, Europe's leading fintech company builder. In my role, I raise capital for FinLeap and our portfolio companies.

Dominic Breuker

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Board members and advisors

fintech and crypto entrepreneur, co-founder of @Amiando (WEF Global Technology Pioneer, exit to @XING) and @Usgang.ch (exit to Axel Springer), @finleap

Jan Beckers

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Serial Entrepreneur who started 6 successful companies. Since 2011 CEO and Founder of HitFox Group.

Former team

Roman Smigiel

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Emilio De Lazzari

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James Rand

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Satu Kivisalo

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Kasi Schulz

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Steven Stadler

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