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A platform connecting parents to flexible childcare options

A platform connecting parents to flexible childcare options

Childcare options have not adapted to match the changing needs of parents today. Childcare today can mean high commitment and inflexibility in scheduling for parents, but many parents are working more flexible, freelance, or part-time schedules (in part due to the high cost of full-time childcare).

MeTime wants to make childcare more accessible by aggregating more flexible, hourly drop-off childcare options that parents can instantly find and book as they need it. Parents can book as little as one hour up to one day of care in the areas they live, work, or play—allowing them to go to the gym, go to the grocery store, or just get a few hours of work done. By aggregating capacity across licensed daycares, vetted professional nannies, and stay-at-home parents in one spot, parents can search for and book only the time they need and share providers across families, keeping their costs low while increasing the earning potential for childcare providers.

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