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Content (creators) writers [Update] the recruitement is on pause

$15k – $25k • No equity
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Thanks for showing interest in our Travel City directory guide.
We are looking for first-class content (creators) writers - would that be you?

Before you go and say yes, please ask yourself:

» Are you a strategic, analytical, freelance person able to translate and/or communicate thoughts, ideas with ease?

» Have you travelled (or are currently travelling )the World enough times to be able to write about those cities, cultures and the people you visited?

» Can you read, analyse data critically in order to craft a human story around it?

» Are you able to organise yourself, and follow processes without getting bored?

» And most important of all, are you able to see What needs to be done (Now) from what can be done (later), and focusing on the 20% of activities that will generate 80% of the results?

To grab this opportunity if you have answered all the above with Yes, please continue, otherwise, we recommend you (please) do not apply.

You are the right person for this job if you've:

» Minimum 2-3 years experience creating and managing organic content but also understand how to attract people and what it takes to make them come for more.

» Experience managing CMS' such as: WordPress, Trello and project management tools; and how to work your way around Google drive.

» Ability to captivate and drive International organic traffic (including technical SEO) and Content marketing.

» Experience with Google Analytics, or any analytics, and tracking techniques is a big plus. You are able to create advanced custom reports and dashboards in Google Analytics. You are happy to add, use APIs, and scripting to suit any customised reporting needs that come your way.

Now you know a little bit more about the role, here is why working with us is great but also fun while taking on other opportunities.

» Freelancers will be forced to be happy, work remotely and like to own their own work while travelling. They're also free to select their amazing and/or creative spaces. Whatever the location you chose you'll work at your own pace. This is not a ful time role.

» You want to belong (preferably) to a eco-friendly,cool and transparent freelance team that shares healthy ideas and want to grow and make a difference by writing and/or creating winning videos.

» We are planning to triple in growth (Worldwide)over the next three years.

» We accept and welcome to the brightest minds this Planet has to offer. It's okay if you're a content marketer with recently acquired writing skills. The most important is that you want or are keen to learn and change lifestyle.

» We do not run regular meetups or webinars, we just publish valuable content.

Results - What you'll bring to the table:

» Contribute/Drive >8-10% organic traffic growth within first quarter. Around 12%+ organic growth is expected during the second quarter. Of course, you'll be supported by our Content/SEO system.

» Boost >15-20% organic ranking increase with content across main search platforms on a quarterly basis.

» Deliverables must be: professional, high quality, aligned our business' goals and (consistently) delivered on time.

Perks & some Benefits

Were not trying to brag about, but all great work, atittude and commitment deserves and will be rewarded.

To highlight a few:

» For the best of breed we offer up to $110 for 980 to 2,000 words article (..) travel advice, experiences, and/or adventures to help and guide or inspire others to see the world.

» Flexible Hours (work from anywhere you fancy)

» Bonuses based-upon results(shown above) every quarter - Ex: Spa day or any gift vouchers

» Training (Content, SEO...)

And that is it - If the above got you excited (we REALLY mean it) then we definitely want to hear more from you!