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FinBox enables FinTech businesses create data driven products

FinBox enables FinTech businesses create data driven products

FinBox data platform enables lenders (Banks, NBFCs, FinTech companies) get access to multiple sources of data via beautiful, easy-to-integrate APIs. Using our APIs, lenders are able to provide loans to people who would not get a loan otherwise. We have two data connectors - DeviceConnect and BankConnect. DeviceConnect lets businesses access their users' device data. FinTech companies use data from user's phone to build top class credit models and recommendation systems. BankConnect lets businesses access their users' bank account data. Our clients get access to high quality, enriched transactional data which can be used for underwriting, identity & account verification & building new FinTech products for lending, wealth management etc. Our platform is built for scale and processes more than 500 Million data records every month.

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Product Managerr FinBox • Worked at @Uber, @Stayzilla.com
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