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Through our platform, we are tackling the following pain points for people saving for their first home in the UK: 1. The task of saving for an affordable home is mind-boggling. Most individuals do not know where to begin. They often struggle to figure out: “What kind of a home can I afford?”, “Where?”, “When?” and “How much?” 2. The entire effort is haphazard, where people try to piece together information from various sources including property portals and mortgage calculators. And moreover, the information gathered is incomplete and not forward-looking. 3. As a result of the above, people end up making difficult trade-offs between price, size, and location. 4. Saving enough for a home is a daunting task. Many people lack financial understanding and discipline to save for a home deposit.
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Tech Lead

Posted 9 months ago
  • Devising technical strategy and managing a technical roadmap. • Designing, developing and managing web/mobile platforms from MVP to a platform supporting thousands of users. You will have a broad remit covering platform architecture, cloud-based infrastructure, databases, IT and information security, user experience design, coding and code reviews, product development, and user testing. • Selecting external technical partners, and over time building and managing a team of internal technical talent.