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A modern, virtual financial advising platform.

A modern, virtual financial advising platform.

Financial planning can be challenging. We’re here to take the load of your shoulders.

We’re the Financial Experts!

We are on a mission to financially educate the world with a strong focus on millennials by providing a service that’s


Our client dashboard.
It allows clients to input their assets, liabilities, personal accounts (bank, investment) loans, real estate, mortgage, credit cards, insurance policies, mutual fund and manage them all on one platform.

Our advisors manage and leave suggestions through there backdoor access.

General access to the dashboard alone is $9.99/month and goes up with the level of intervention you want your advisors to have.
If you wish for minimal control your advisor will leave notes, investment suggestions but he/she will not actively make a decision on your portfolio without your knowing.

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Started my journey trading stocks for @TDAmeritrade. Then came the @iBed which is in seed and @Nutri-pal which will be in stores late this year!

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