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The idea is that for every decision a company makes, a growth hacker should ask: “What will be the impact on growth? How will this help us grow users and engagement?”

In our case, our ultimate goal is simple - "Grow Revenue". So you should ask, what metrics will help us grow revenue and go and drive those metrics.

If you are that person, then below are the things you would need to do:

- Choose in accordance with the other departments which metrics/KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to focus on
- Bring in traditional and creative ideas on how to grow those KPIs
- A/B testing those ideas
- Analyze data and users’ feedback
- Exchange ideas, data and feedback with other departments (Product, Marketing, Research and top management) to present results and make the product more customer centric
- Drive traffic to our website, landing pages, social media, apps and increase engagement
- Prioritize growth channels and optimize them
- Scale and automate the growth processes

The end goal of every growth hacker is to build a self-perpetuating marketing machine that reaches millions by itself. The following skills are required for that:

- Being data-driven and a data-geek: clear understanding of data, analytics, metrics and statistics
- Understand user behavior and social networks
- Have experience in A/B testing and data analytics
- Excellent communication, with editing and copywriting skills
- Understanding of the lean start-up process, not be scared of pivoting
- Knowledge of inbound and outbound marketing
- Programming knowledge: not compulsory, but highly recommended
- Being performance and results-oriented
- Being curious and creative
- Being relentless in pursuit of growth
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Personalized Insights and Recommendations to Make Smarter Investments in Companies

Finagic focuses on SaaS, Financial Services, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Their company has offices in Seattle. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://finagic.com or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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