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At Finagic, we believe that each and every person should be his or her own portfolio manager. Unfortunately, today there is a big divide between the tools that individual investors have access to and those available to institutional investors. Institutional investors' portfolios are professional managed focusing on achieving their investment goals; on the other hand, individual investors are sold products. The financial industry spends huge dollars on advertising to the individual investor. That "Aggressive Growth Fund" sounds great on paper, but is it actual getting you to your financial goals? We believe that this gap exists because the financial industry has made investors believe that what they do is really hard. Individual investors need to be educated, but even if they are, the bigger gap exists in the tools available to individual investors to empower them to make financial and portfolio management decisions. At Finagic, we put the power back into the hands of the individual investor. We use Artificial Intelligence driven predictive insights and recommendations to analyze investors' portfolios and make active recommendations on what they should or should not invest in. We analyze market conditions and automatically conduct technical analysis. We automatically identify entry and exit signals. We transparently analyze securities and give investors insights into whether they can expect a return from their investment or not. These are just few of the features available with Finagic. Gone are the days where an investor needs to read through tons of research reports, news articles, financials. Our platforms reads it all and summarizes; more importantly, we give you predictive insights and recommended actions on what to do. Simply put, Finagic is your personal portfolio manager empowering you to make financial decisions to increase the value of your portfolio and achieving your financial goals.
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Full Stack Developer

Finagic empowers investors with insights needed to make smarter investments in companies. We do that using artificial intelligence driven personalized recommendations and prescriptive analytics on your investment portfolio.


Growth Hacker

The idea is that for every decision a company makes, a growth hacker should ask: “What will be the impact on growth? How will this help us grow users and engagement?


Business Development Manager


Build and cultivate a network of referrals to create new opportunities for revenue growth
Work closely with the executive team to prioritize markets, customers and partners
Research and pursue business partnerships to further brand growth
Meet with potential clients by maintain...