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The fastest growing online game directed at boys aged 8-12 yrs (3M users)


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Troy Carter

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Dominic Williams

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Entrepreneur and crypto nerd

Chris Deering

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Forner president,Sony Europe,board director on hi- tech entertainment businesses,lover of live performing arts,especially music;and(hopefully)a good dad

Keith Boesky

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Investor, Advisor, Strategy, public and private funding experience as attorney and operator, 20 + years in games, content and startups.

Dylan Collins

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CEO @SuperAwesome | Chairman @Potato | VC @hoxton-ventures | Board @BrownBagFilms | Founder Jolt (acq GameStop) + DemonWare (acq Activision Blizzard)

Josh Resnick

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CEO at @nprogress, Inc.

Jarl Mohn

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Investor in @Happy Money.

Jeff Lapin

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Former CEO of Starwood Hotels, Take-Two, and Atari. Called the "turn-around CEO", he's built and ran billion dollar companies in a variety of industries.

Paul Bricault

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Managing Director of Amplify.LA & Venture Partner at Greycroft Partners
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