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Field management and coordination software for construction teams



Juan Serrano

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Claudia King

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Business Operations Manager Fieldwire: a field coordination application for construction projects

Ray Mina

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Product designer at Fandor

Minjie Sun

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Fitter/UX Design Consultant;Daylighted/UX Researcher/ Designer;Cole Hardware/UX Researcher, UX/UI Designer;SFMTA/UX/UI Designer

Ciaran Cleary

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Worked at Yelp, UBS. Experience with Adobe, Bloomberg, Business Intelligence. Went to Boston College Carroll School Of Management

Sang Hoon Lee

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University of Waterloo grad, experience in mobile and backend, interested in big data/ data driven backend and mobile.

Tyler Lu

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Software Engineer @ Fieldwire

Head of Recruiting

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Rahul Joshi

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Experienced in mobile and web development. I am always keen on exploring and implementing new technologies to solve real world problems.

Marielle P

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Director of Customer Success at Fieldwire - the Construction App for the Field
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Board members and advisors

Director @Stanford, CIFE, Professor @Stanford, CEE, http://www.stanford.edu/~fischer/

Former team

Aaron Harris

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Raphael Varieras

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Edward Farraye

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Victor Wong

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Vincent Truong

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Kevin Tezlaf

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