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The athletic recruiting network with over 700,000+ members

The athletic recruiting network with over 700,000+ members

A community of hundreds of thousands of coaches and athletes with a common goal. FieldLevel is the largest community of coaches in the world. By combining the best of how recruiting worked before the internet with state-of-the-art technology and network effects, FieldLevel has enabled recruiting to happen with unparalleled speed and effectiveness.

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Jeremy Weir

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Technical Co-Founder @FieldLevel • Worked at @wetsand, @PINT, @UCSD, @Sio • Studied at UCSD

Brenton Sullivan

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Co-Founder @FieldLevel • Worked at @Fox Sports • Studied at @University of Southern California
Technical Co-Founder @FieldLevel. Strong technical background. Previously, the Director of Software Engineering @PINT. Studied Computer Science at UCSD

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