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Explainable AI Engine for the Enterprise



Krishna Gade

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Search Architect, Product or Platform engineer, Distributed Systems Expert, Early Twitter and Bing engineer.

Amit Paka

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Starting up in AI/ML @Fiddler Labs \ ex Samsung @PayPal @Microsoft \ founder @Parable (sold to Samsung) \ founder Flockish (sold to @eBay ) \ Berkeley 🐻
Engineering Lead, Facebook Head of Data Engineering, Pinterest Senior Engineering Manager, Twitter Software Engineer, Microsoft


Gary Chan

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Head of Business Operations for a Series A Explainable Artificial Intelligence start-up. Business strategy and planning via Dell EMC and Deloitte Consulting

Ankur Taly

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Head of Data Science at Fiddler Labs, Previously: Staff Research Scientist, Google Brain, Stanford CS PhD

Rajesh Ekambaram

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Works at Fiddler Labs, Inc (fiddler.ai)