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Our Story
We created the company because we understand the implications of AI and the grave danger of not having visibility and insight into how it works and its effect on the real world. We believe there is a need of a new kind of AI platform, that is highly transparent, trustable and operational. Our experiences working with product owners, data scientists, business analysts and operations teams have guided us to build Fiddler Labs.

Core Values
* You are the company - Act like an owner. So whenever you run into a problem, try to fix things first. If you can't, give constructive, actionable feedback. No empty complaining!
* Customers come first - Without customers, we won’t exist and we should always put them first.
* Build anti-fragility! - World-class companies take risks, grow and get stronger faced with uncertainty.
* Responsible technology - We’re here for a short span of time on this planet, and whatever we do should directly or indirectly help the world be a better place than we found it to be.
* Simplify Simplify Simplify. - Make things simple for everyone else around you, whether that is our products or processes.
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Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer (Front-End)

  • Design, build, support, and own the front-end components of our enterprise software product, including UIs and visualization for AI explainability and monitoring
  • Work with data science teams to understand their requirements, and our design / product team do design clear, simple data visualizations and intuitive interfaces
Software Engineer

ML Engineer

Posted this week
  • Design and build a world-class Cloud Platform to help ML engineers and Data Scientists build and deploy Deep Learning Models with high productivity and velocity
  • Build a modern runtime stack for Deep Learning supporting formats like Tensorflow, ONNX, PyTorch etc.

Data Scientist (All Levels)

  • Own the data science, including building machine learning models to developing interpretable model tools to be used in Fiddler's product
  • Drive research on new explainability and monitoring techniques, for internal and external stakeholders, and for inclusion into our platform