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Developer Needed to Improve Typescript and Code Quality

Posted 10 months ago


We are looking for someone with experience using Typescript and code quality tools (like Jest, Cypress, CircleCI) to help us with an upcoming CMS platform called Factor.

Factor is nearly ready to launch to production (q1 - 2020), but we need a pro developer that pays attention to detail...


Technical Writer — Javascript + Front-End Development

Posted 10 months ago

We are working on a new unified application framework called Factor. It’s built with the MEVN (MongoDB, Vue, Node/Express) stack along with Typescript.


Developer Community Manager

Posted 10 months ago

Fiction is looking for a versatile and experienced Community Manager to build the strategy and oversee the engagement and operations of the Factor developer community.

About this job

In this job, you will define and execute a strategy to cultivate and build a community around a new web develop...