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App Mobile Matchmaking Game

App Mobile Matchmaking Game

This application is a meeting application.
Not like the usual meeting application, based on the physical aspect, FGG is focused on the compatibility.
Even if the participant enter their personal info such as hobbies, sports...the matching possibility remain weak.
FGG is a new way of meeting people, and maybe to find your soulmate.
Indeed, instead of looking at pictures of a potential partner, send an invite, wait for her/ him to take a decision based on your pictures, to finally be able to ask the questions you really care about, FGG deal with this in a different way.
The ideal person with whom we feel great and with whom we can spend the rest of our life, is not necessary the one with a great look but the one with whom you can talk for hours without noticing the time flying, the one with whom you can share plenty of fun activities.
Founder FGG • Worked at @Tribalnova, @cegq • Studied at @University Of Jean Monnet, @Uqam

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