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Matthew Brandly

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Software at Sentenai, Co-founder at Fetchnotes, CS at Michigan, basketball everywhere

Alex Schiff

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Bringing spatial computing to everyday life @Occipital. Prior: co-founder/CEO @Fetchnotes, VP @Benzinga, chief opinionator at The Michigan Daily. Go Blue!


Dirk Gadsden

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Founder at @TallyVoting; backend developer at @Fetchnotes; previously at @relocality and Fuzzco.

Michael Marsh

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Web and Android developer at @Fetchnotes

Board members and advisors

JAB Ventures. Mentor-in-Residence at TechStars Boston Founding CEO @Acquia (acq Vista) Founder & CEO @Pingtel (acq Nortel) VP Engineering @ON Technology (IPO)
Worked at lots of consumer internet start-ups (Tabblo, Abuzz, Firefly), founded my own, @JotJournal, looking for my next one.

Lucy McQuilken

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Worked at @Intel Capital • Studied at @Duke University
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Former team

Giles Van Gruisen

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Kathryn Gonzalez

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Madison May

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Drew Beaurline

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Ilana Dell

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