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Fundraising Internship

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Hey there 👋

do you want to experience what it is like to try and raise 1m without actually having the responsibility of having to do it?

My name is Francesco and I am the CEO here @feralhorses. I am looking for someone willing to join the team (but mainly will be working with me only) for the next 2/3months. 🚀

The experience is going to be pretty hectic, you will be working with me on our Seed round, we will be recording and creating content to push live to help other founders in their journey as well. We will look after destroymydeck.com. We will continuously and meticulously record feedback and improve every day the deck, the pitch and the financial modeling of Feral Horses. You will have a huge pack of templates that you will be able to pack together for yourself and that we will then publish publicly for people to use freely.

We will update the outside world on our progress and we will meet a lot of founders and VC people who will guide us in this weird world of fundraising.

Expected tasks:

🤝Join me for meetings and pack as much info you can, I will do the same and we will then clean them together and create the output to publish.
🤓 Create KPI reporting on sales pipelines.
🗣️ Analyse the impact of introductions and build network analysis on the different people we met
🔬Analyse the profile of a VC and break down strengths, key questions, fit likelihood etc…
🤖 Build simple automation for reporting

Perfect candidate:

🗣️Great communication skills
📚 Very very very fast learner
🏃 Quick deliverer, things will have a 1day lifecycle.
💻 Good with excel
❤️ Love for tech products

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