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Every person at Fenix is 100% aligned with our mission: Fenix Commerce exists to help brands build and maintain personalized, transparent, mutually beneficial relationships with their customers. And 100% driven by our values: Transparency, Excellence, Integrity, Authenticity, Respect, and Courage. To sum it up: To be transparent, have integrity, act authentically, pursue excellence, and demonstrate mutual respect all require one common enabler: courage. It’s the foundational value that all of our employees must possess to allow them to embrace all of our other values, and to pursue our mission. Because everyone on our team is aligned with our mission and our values, we can totally relax at work. We are friends. We know one another; we are comfortable with one another. We don't have a lot of meetings but when we do we look forward to them because it's a chance to connect--and talk about what's going on in our lives, and joke around a bit--in addition to efficiently working through the tasks at hand. For more info please check out fenixcommerce.com/mission-and-values.