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Cloud-based Inventory Management and Supply Chain Solutions

Cloud-based Inventory Management and Supply Chain Solutions

SIMPL uses Flexible Machine Vision and an intuitive drag and drop user interface to automate the setup of new control programs for the Universal Robots.

Canvas is a portable system that can be carried by an operator to collect highly accurate 3D models of the interior of a building.

NAVii scans a facility autonomously and collects high definition images of products, prices, and placement.

Audit is mobile platform that can be manually transported to precisely track assets and generate highly accurate asset layouts and interior maps of a building.

WatchDog is an Industry 4.0 traceability ecosystem that constantly monitor and track assets and/or inventory in warehouses or factory environments.

On top of all the solutions above, we have FellowInsights (Software) that provides actionable data, Insights which is the analytics engine that processes all the data, and StoreView that generates 3D Digital View for all monitored facilities.
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