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Marketing Generalist

$40k – $100k • 0.01% – 0.5%
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We're looking for a new marketing team member to join our fast-growing company! If you're passionate about building online communities, producing engaging content, and experimenting with different marketing channels, we encourage you to apply for this role! You’ll get to work on a team that’s passionate about learning, helping each other out, and producing high quality results.

Some of your duties and responsibilities include:
-Project Management (overseeing the production of podcasts, videos, and webinars).

-Community Building (engaging with our online community and coordinating in-person events).

-Content Promotion (collaborating with the marketing team to develop our content promotion strategy).

What we'd love to hear about:
-Content you've written and/or produced (blog posts, articles, podcasts, videos, etc).
-Speaking engagements.
-Community involvement.

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