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Fellow is still an infant, but just starting to crawl. Our first product, the Duo Coffee Steeper, raised $200,000 on Kickstarter. Building on the momentum of the Kickstarter success, we closed a seed round from a couple well-known angel investors in Silicon Valley. We need someone great to now go from a crawl to a run (hopefully skipping the walk stage entirely). 

Fellow has a number of contractor right now, but you will be one of the first two hires -- Employee #1 or #2. Employee #3 and #4 to follow shortly. As an "Employee #1" you are someone who dreams of being an entrepreneur. You’re scrappy.  The thought of working for Big Business repulses you. Your middle name is “Strategic problem solver who is really good at getting things done.” The reality is there are many things that need to get done and only a couple people to do the lifting and hopefully be a key part in something cool. 

Fellow aims to bring thoughtfully designed products to people around the world. Currently, we are focused on coffee products that enhance or simplify the brewing process. For the next year or so, coffee/tea/beverage hardware/products will be our sole focus and consume most of our time. However, Fellow is opportunistic, and once we’ve launched a successful line of coffee products, we will branch out to serve different markets as opportunities present themselves (i.e., home, kitchen, etc.).

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