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Business Intelligence Analyst

$70k – $90k • No equity
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The mission is to leverage data to maintain a pulse on Felix Gray’s current business and to assess and uncover new opportunities using data. There’s a lot going on. We need to always make sure we’re monitoring the health of our business and we change things and employ new strategies. In addition, we want someone looking at the data to best suggest insights that may yield new strategies for growth (our cost reductions).

The role primarily reports directly to the CMO, since most work will revolve around marketing analytics. However, a smaller portion of the work will involve building our reports for other teams as well (Operations and CX). We currently have a more part time BI Analyst. This role can easily grow into a full time position very quickly and would represent the first in-house Analytics hire at Felix Gray.

You will:
• Keep a constant pulse on customer sentiment, revenue, marketing efficiency, and operational consistency.
• Empower the marketing team to understand what is working and where there are opportunities by diving deep into the data.
• Ensure that the outcomes of initiatives don’t come as a surprise because we have a pulse on the business.
• Leverage Periscope/SQL, Google Analytics, Excel, Hot Jar, Wufoo, Customer Focus Groups, and anything else needed to judge the health of our business.
• Build reporting for a variety of teams (Marketing, Operations, CX) to provide them the tools to have a pulse on the health of our business and specific initiatives.

You have:
• 2-4+ years in analytics and business intelligence experience at an ecommerce brand with strong understanding of industry specific KPIs
• Deep understanding of SQL / Familiarity, at the least, with Periscope
• Strong understanding Google Analytics and Excel
• Comfort with survey data, surveying tools
• Experience Leading (or helping lead) Customer Focus Group experience a plus, but by no means necessary

You are:
• Analytical as hell
• Able to make sense of the data to tell a story (and love doing so!)
• Able to work well cross functionality and with others in general
• Strong communicator with the ability to argue your perspective respectively while listening to others
• Honest / have a high degree of integrity
• Enthusiastic and fun loving
• Organized and deadline oriented
• Someone with high standards

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