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FELA is human-electric microcar that beats cars in a city

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FELA (Frugal yet Effective, Lean & Active) highly mobile, city-swift, practical &safe personal vehicle that grows in value as you use it. FELA users will get fit in daily trips, save time & $20,000 a year for selves or business by forgoing cars, travel off-grid or off-pump and save our Planet.
FELA is not only green, but it's also sustainable: it has 1/70th resource-tensity of an electric car and 1/200th of a gas-car. Parked upright, it has a footprint of a bike. FELA is agile as a scooter but is much safer. The modular design of FELA suits both mass production and the open-source paradigm. Swapping modules makes FELA functionally and emotionally durable. FELA affordability has huge socio-economical potential by democratizing mobility.
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Posted 10 months ago

CMO refines CEO vision and prioritizes market segments;
with COO handles B2B partnership;
travels when Customer Development requires it;
persuades of FELA Core Values;
formulates CRM requirements;
works with CTO for market validation;
sets and monitors marketing KPIs;
timely adjust or ...