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Security Engineer

£50k – £80k • 0.01% – 0.1%
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We're looking for a community-centric human to join our remote team to protect our systems and foster a culture of privacy and security in order to protect our community of users.

At Feeld we are on a mission to normalise sexuality. We are building an inclusive, human-centred product welcoming people in relationships or not to meet like-minded others. Most of the humans in our app look up to us as a safe space where they can explore safely.

We're looking for a security engineer who likes to wear hats of many colours to help us preserve the privacy and safety of our users, and who understands the importance of this fact.

As a security engineer, you will be in charge of all things security in the company. You will be the first point of contact for everyone technical and non technical to ensure Feeld's systems are kept safe from threats.

If you're a list person, here are some of our expectations, listed:

Can help us automating security on our Continuous Integration Pipeline.
Protect our infrastructure from Intrusions.
Collaborate with Devops to make sure that Developer velocity is maintained.
You will create processes to perform security reviews of our architecture.
You will be in charge of maintaining and updating our architecture documentation.
You have experience managing and evaluating third-party services.
You will build and maintain a security incident response plan.
You will perform and enforce security code reviews.
Establish and enforce security practices across the whole company .
Educate developers and provide tools to handle a SDLC.
Create a solid onboarding/offboarding process for employees.
Assess, list and prioritise security issues.
Prepare and evaluate third parties for external security tests.
Set up and facilitate our own bug bounty program, internal or external.
Create a security policy and expose it on our website.
Regularly audit our applications, DNS settings and dependencies.

Bonus points:
interest in working remotely
experience with consumer based products
Be humble and respectful - no security shaming
Create and maintain strong relationships with our Circle Leads
Willingness to develop a security + privacy culture
Experience training engineers and non-engineers in security skills
Attend meetups with other security engineers

Feeld is an independent, experimental and fully remote organisation reshaping the dialogue on dating and sexuality. The company was founded 5 years ago and has evolved since to become the transparent, flat structure it is now. We don't believe in standard management, so we have a naturally agile and fluid culture. The whole team is fully remote, which means you work where and when helps you perform at your best. We're self-managed and treat our organisation as a product – we iterate, improve and test things internally to see what works best for everyone. Some things we provide are:

flexible working hours
unlimited holidays
fully remote
annual retreats
equity options
expense account
training budget
computer and home office equipment
transparency - open data, open salaries, open equity
access to the Feeld Flat in Porto, Portugal
friendly humans