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Affordable, modular motion simulator for Virtual Reality

Affordable, modular motion simulator for Virtual Reality

The Feel Three is the Motion Simulator for Virtual Reality that put you in the center of the action. Now is your chance to race Monte Carlo, try your odds in an asteroid field or fly a Spitfire literally by the seat of your pants. We have an incredible 90+ degrees of roll so you’ll feel every hairpin turn like you’re there and enough pitch pushing you back to make you think you’re on a Falcon 9. Virtual reality means that players are now able to experience racing and flying games with an amazing amount of realism, but while their eyes are telling them they’re zooming through a valley, their body doesn’t move. By adding a full body physical feedback, players can feel the thrill of moving at high speed with none of the danger. Motion simulators are traditionally beyond the budget of most gamers since they use hugely expensive linear actuators that only have a limited range of travel, but the Feel Threes motors quickly rotate the user instead.

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