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Feedel Ventures is a startup designed to turn small/medium projects and ideas itself into future startups by providing mentoring and training. By joining our sparse and heterogeneous group, you will grow your knowledge in several business, legal and technological fields provided by 360 degrees high level international tutors.
You will be part of this ideas factory by managing the bleeding edge technologies as well as the most stable ones in the Information and communication technologies from the front- back- end dev to the creation of expert system by mean of combinations of mathematical optimization and artificial intelligence.


We are looking for a creative, and interactive individual who is motivated to acquire new skills and work with an interdisciplinary supervised team of experts. You’ll be working beside the management team and you will be involved in the whole development process, from the requirements specification to the testing phase. The position is fully remote. We just ask you to be as flexible as possible.

The candidate must have proficient programming skills, and excellent interpersonal skills.

What You’ll Do

 Design, write, test, and deploy scalable code
 Help shape our technical roadmap as we scale our services and build new products
 Participate in code reviews, attend regular team meetings, and apply software development best practices
 Take ownership of your work and work autonomously when necessary

Technology you will be working with
 Front-end technologies like Node, Angular, React GraphQL, Redux, Vue.js
 Back-end like PHP/ASP/Django, SQL, Apache

 cloud-computing infrastructure (Hadoop, Dockers, Aws, Google cloud).
 AI framework like PyTorch or TensorFlow

What we expected from you
 A degree in Computer Science or Engineering
 Experience writing clean code, well tested and easy to maintain
 Open Communication: clearly conveys thoughts, both written and verbally, listening attentively and asking questions for clarification and understanding
 Collaboration and Teamwork: works with others to deliver results, meaningfully contributing to the team and prioritizing group needs over individual needs
 Self Development: is personally committed to, and actively works to continuously improve
 Decision Making: work with your peers and leaders to build consensus and choose a direction forward. When required, you drive this process.
 Problem Solving: uses an organized and logical approach to find solutions to complex problems. Looks beyond the obvious to understand the root cause of problems
 Passion for what you are doing

If the feedback is positive, Feedel will propose an equity share cooperation scheme.

Milan • Madrid • RemoteRemote
Hires remotely in
Europe • North America • Africa • Middle East • Asia
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Visa sponsorship
Not Available
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Lorenzo Seritti

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at Fidel
Founder InViis • Worked at Altran Italy • Studied at Politecnico Milano

Lorenzo Seritti

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Founder at Ticketeasy.it and Fidel

Feedel Ventures at a glance

The start-up of start-ups

Feedel Ventures focuses on Real Estate, Energy, Online Travel, Digital Entertainment, and Entertainment Industry. Their company has offices in New York City, Milan, Ouagadougou, and Madrid. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.feedel.ventures or find them on LinkedIn.

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