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deep learning to automate medical coding




Monica Sasinouan

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Recruiter @Fathom Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist @TouchBistro Lead Recruiter @Workbridge Associates

Lisa Fong

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Passion for healthcare and technology. Currently growing Fathom. Previously B2B marketing at Pinterest, Apple and Google. Kellogg MBA 2014.

Jen Williams

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Currently: Building teams @Fathom. Alumni: @Google, @Softchoice Canada, @University of Toronto

Elias Tragas

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Millin Gab

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Mechatronics Engineer specializing in AI and robotics. Machine Learning intern at Google and Pinterest. Software Engineering intern at Shopify, Rave and Kik.

Peiran Guo

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Software Engineer at Fathom

Randall Lin

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Caltech Physics and CS

Jack Gao

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Engineer building deep-learning products for healthcare. Interested in robust data-driven systems. Previously Twitch, Google, Microsoft, Palantir and Square.

Krishna Vudata

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Developing ML powered tools to make healthcare more efficient. Worked at Facebook on ads products and ML infra. Experience with PHP, Objective-C, Python, JS.

Kevin Lam

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Software Engineering @ Fathom, Google, Infusion, Altera.
CTO of Creative Smarts. 1st VR startup out of Brown U., Ph.D. CS + AI + cognitive science. Strong experience in research, development, and design.

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Eric Purdy

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Alex Chen

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Jacob Abrahams

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