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Faster, greener, wardrobe cleaner

Faster, greener, wardrobe cleaner

Fathhome is pioneering sustainable and scalable smart home-living.

Its first product, Mona, is a new cleaning technology for people with clothes that can't be laundered. In 10-minutes it vaporizes bacteria and odors from cherished wear, from the convenience of your home, without using any water.

Mona is targeted at a large and specific niche in order to establish a strong foothold from which we can expand the technology. By 2020 we will move the laundry room into the closet, allowing customers to wash and dry their clothes on-demand right after they come off.
Founding CEO of @fathhome. Laser hobbyist, Inventor, Technical geek that loves talking to people. UCSB BSEE & Tech. Management 2015

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