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An innovative start-up working with cutting edge robotic technology for livestock



Cofounder & ex-CEO of Krypton El. Eng NV, Leuven Air Bearings NV en Vesalius MT CEO of SO Kwadraat
Founder/CEO of Faromatics. Expert in Precision Livestock Farming. Started Inkubik and Syntesa. PhD (summa cum laude) in Nat.Sc.from Technical University Berlin.


Full-stack Developer, former Data centre technician. Enthusiast of Automation and CI.

George Ewah-Uche

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Built a Robot interface with the Zend Framework, data visualisation with Plotly, video streaming with Node.js, data crunching with Python and data mgt with AWS.
Experience in QA, Project Management and Change Management. BA Hons (Major: English) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology Management.